Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Threshold Update from Chadron Primary School

With our latest numbers from this afternoon, Chadron Primary School is now at our 5% threshold for COVID-19 cases.  What does this mean?  Please visit our CPS COVID Plan - Fall 2021  to learn what changes will be made in the Yellow status and for more information as to how Chadron Primary School is making adjustments to continue to keep students and staff safe.  For the next two weeks (beginning 10/7/21) we will have modifications to our current status; please keep in mind these are all things we have done before (2020-2021 school year) so our staff and many of our students are familiar with these accommodations.  Some of the things teachers and staff are working on are as follows:  

  • Face coverings are now recommended

  • Teachers will space desks to maximize social distancing to the fullest extent possible.

  • Teachers will organize student desks so that they do not directly face each other.

  • Any group work that is assigned will ensure social distancing and therefore may be limited during this time.

  • Teachers are encouraged to use larger areas in the school and outdoor spaces for class activities when appropriate and available.

  • Students and staff are expected to maintain and respect social distancing and personal space in the classroom and all other areas in the school. 

  • Students will wipe down desks and shared supplies with district approved disinfectant at the end and at the beginning of every class period. 

  • Students will be expected to sanitize hands when entering each classroom.

  • Face coverings will be expected when social distancing is not possible.

  • No outside visitors allowed in buildings without authorization

With this change from Green to Yellow status, the changes will be in place for two weeks before moving back into the Green status (pending no increase in numbers).  If you have any additional questions please contact myself (308)-432-0710 or PPHD (Panhandle Public Health District) at (308)-487-3600 or visit their website at for more resources.  We do hope your child remains healthy and we appreciate your continued support of Chadron Primary School as we navigate this school year.

~ Mrs. Mack 

K-2 Principal

Chadron Primary School

Chadron Public Schools


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