Thursday, April 4, 2013

Results of Parent-Teacher Conferences and Parent Survey

   Parent-Teacher Conferences at Chadron Primary School were held on Monday, March 18, and Tuesday, March 19.  Attendance was as follows:   Kindergarten - 75% (Fisher-82%; Hoffman-88%; Landreth-94%; Schmid-77%), First Grade - 84% (Bounous-84%; Claussen-84%; Ferguson-82%; Gardner-83%), and Second Grade - 69% (Cogdill-68%; Hudson-78%; Hendrickson-68%; Uhing-63%).   If parents still want to conference with their child's teacher, please call that teacher at teacher at 432-0710 and set up an appointment.
     The results of the Parent Survey in respect to next year's Parent-Teacher Conferences are as follows:   Of the 71 parents that took the survey, 46 of the 71 (65%) parents wanted to have two days of conferences with 1:30 dismissals on both those days and 25 (35%) parents wanted to dismiss school for one day and have the conferences from 10:00-6:00 on that day.
     Thank you very much for attending our conferences and for taking the survey.  We appreciate your dedication to your child's education and value your input.