Thursday, May 12, 2022

Reading for Runza Celebration

 This school year students at Chadron Primary School participated in "Reading for Runza".  Students were able to set monthly reading goals and either read on their own or have an adult read to them as they completed a calendar to track their progress.  At the end of every month students could turn in their calendars and receive certificates for Runza kid's meals.  As a school, Mrs. Ritterbush was able to track which classroom turned in the most calendars and that class earned a Runza Reading Party.  Mrs. Sandstrom's second grade class turned in the most calendars and were able to have a classroom party and celebrate with Runza meals.  We would like to send a HUGE THANK YOU to Runza of Chadron for sponsoring our year-long reading incentive and for celebrating with our students!

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

End of Year Note


PBIS Fundraiser ~ It's not too late to have your favorite staff member Kiss a Goat!


April ~ Cardinals of the Month

 We were able to have the final Cardinal of the Month celebration this week and as with all of the others it did not disappoint.  These students were able to have breakfast with Principal Mack and enjoy some time with other students.  Classroom teachers chose these kiddos as representatives of great choices and following the Cardinal Way.  The examples these students set for other children in the building is fantastic and we are excited to honor each of them with our special breakfast.  Keep making the positive choices kiddos and have a GREAT SUMMER!

2nd Grade Visits Homestead Bank

 During the last quarter of school Chadron Primary School second graders participated in a field trip to Homestead Bank in downtown Chadron.  Homestead Bank has sponsored a supplemental banking and savings curriculum that 2nd grade teachers utilize to help students understand the process of saving and spending.  The program is called Saving with Mandy and Randy and the students really enjoy the instructional materials that help guide them through the saving and spending cycle.  The culminating activity for our students is to then take a trip to the bank to see money in action.  The students always enjoy the tour and especially like the vault.  We would like to send our gratitude the folks at Homestead Bank for sponsoring these materials and for welcoming us to the bank!

1st Grade Field Trip to the Mari Sandoz Center

 On Friday, April 29th the first grade classes had the opportunity to take a field trip to the Mari Sandoz Center to take part in The Sun, Earth, and Universe Exhibit.  The students were able to explore and learn about planets, the sun, the stars and even build a space craft. The students also got to learn a little bit about Mari Sandoz! We would like to thank Courtney Kouba and Laure Sinn for taking time out of their busy schedules to provide a wonderful learning experience for our first graders!