Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Cardinals of the Month

     Chadron Primary Cardinals of the Month for December are pictured above:

Bach Row:  Shelby Fry, Taegan Bach, Reese Ritterbush - 1st Grade; Kilee Jo Wild; - Kindergarten; Danity Thompson - 2nd Grade; Taylor Olson - Kindergarten; Ana Gartner - 1st Grade

Front Row:  Draegan Leonard - Kindergarten; Amelia Meier - 2nd Grade; EJ Hudson - Kindergarten; Carson Long - Kindergarten; Max Meier - 1st Grade

Monday, January 19, 2015

Lunchroom Champions Enjoy Reward

Team Landreth
Team Gardner
Team Cogdill


 The Lunchroom Champions for December were rewarded with rootbeer floats on Friday, January 16th.  The champions for this month were Mrs. Landreth's Team - Kindergarten; Mrs. Gardner's Team - First Grade; and Mrs. Cogdill's Team - Second Grade.

First Semester Perfect Attendance

     Twenty-two Primary School Students had perfect attendance for the first and second quarters of school.  These students were neither absent nor tardy from August 14th through December 19th.  The students are:

Kindergarten: Tristan Herbert, Cadence Baumeister, Brayden Linegar, Carson Long, Tyson Pourier, Josey Werner, Mason Whitinger

1st Grade: Hina Hinman, Trayce Fisher, Tristin Frye, Bailee Gremm, Madilyn Hall, Madison Landreth, Danny Rasmussen (not pictured), Reagan Russell, Nakota Wood

2nd Grade: Tucker Calkins, Alex Fisher, Kiera Haag, Billy Hy, Tyler Jensen, James Koerber, Averielle Sager.