Thursday, January 24, 2013

January 23rd Marks 100 Days of School for Chadron Primary

Each classroom at Chadron Primary  celebrated the 100th Day of School in a different way.  Some of the activities in their classrooms included doing 100 exercises, enjoying snacks which included 100 pieces,100th Day art projects, and counting to 100.  The students all had a great time showing off their ability to count to 100 multiple times in multiple ways.

Mrs. Gardner's First Grade

Mrs. Claussen's First Grade

Mrs. Fisher's Kindergarten

Mrs.Hudson's Second Grade

Ms. Schmid's Kindergarten

Mrs. Landreth's Kindergarten

Students Participate in Martin Luther King Day Celebration

     Students from the Primary Building along with Intermediate students and Fifth Grade Students were invited by Dr. Dave Nesheim, Social Science Professor at Chadron State College, to perform during the Martin Luther King Day Celebration hosted by Chadron State College.
     CSC students, Job Corp students, and community members began the celebration with a march from Common Cents to Memorial Hall.  In addition to speeches from Dr. Randy Rhine, President of Chadron State College, Dr. Dave Nesheim, Social Science Professor at CSC, Brek Brixius, NCAP Community Services Director, and two students from Pine Ridge Job Corp, the elementary students performed three songs, directed by Chris Dickerson, Elementary Music Teacher at Chadron Public Schools.  The audience joined in with the singing and listened to the story "Follow the Drinking Gourd," a story about the slaves' escape to freedom via the Underground Railroad, read by Mrs. Dickerson.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Primary Students Return to School After Holiday Break

     The students at Chadron Primary returned to school on Thursday, January 3, well rested and in good health.  A lot of our students were sick in the weeks before the break; so we're really glad to have them all back.  In addition to the students who went to school at Chadron Primary the first semester, we added three new students--one in each grade after the break.  We want to welcome them as part of the Primary Family.  These students have moved to us from Wyoming, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.