Sunday, August 19, 2012

Chadron Primary Welcomes New Students

Chadron Primary School started the school year with 218 students.  There are 65 students in Kindergarten (Mrs. Kristin Fisher -16; Mrs. Tara Hoffman-16; Mrs. Mikel Landreth-17; Ms. Melissa Schmid-16), 76 students in First Grade (Mrs. Sarah Bounous-20; Mrs. Claussen-Smith-18; Mrs. Gina Ferguson-18; Mrs. Amy Gardner-20, and 77 students in Second Grade (Mrs. Stephanie Cogdill-20; Mrs. Jodi Hendrickson-20; Mrs. Angela Hudson-18; Mrs. Libby Uhing-19).

Besides the Kindergarten students who are all new to the Primary Building, our school welcomes 9 students who have moved into the district.  Of these new students, Mrs. Claussen-Smith has 3 students; Mrs. Ferguson has 2 students; Mrs. Gardner has 1 student; Mrs. Cogdill has 1 student; and Mrs. Hendrickson has 2 students.

We are excited to have so many new faces and are looking forward to getting to know all of the new students.  We are also glad to have last year's students back with us.  They are doing a fabulous job of following the routines and the rules, and as a result our school year is off to a great start.