Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Non-Public Schools Special Education Meeting

Principal Uhing Gets Duct Taped to the Wall!

After a few weeks of fundraising for our ACES (All Children Experience Success) positive behavior program, our students hit their goal of $300 to duct tape Principal Uhing to the wall!  Students brought change and dollar bills to add to the buckets to get to their goal and on Friday, she was stuck!  Her daughters helped complete the fun with one over her mouth and students were so excited to celebrate their fund raising.  The money donated goes to our ACES rewards throughout the year and to support our End of Year Celebration.  Thank you to all of the families and staff that made this event and year a HUGE success!

Perfect Attendance

These Chadron Primary School students received Perfect Attendance awards for the ENTIRE YEAR!!  With all we have going on throughout the year, including sessions of sickness, this is no easy task!  Thank you to all of the family support that helps our littlest birds attend every day!  Congratulations kiddos!  Enjoy your summer!
Perfect Attendance Awards:
Back Row:  Principal Uhing
Middle Row:  Philip E., Roudy S., and Garner C.
Front Row:  Braden B., Isabella W., and Kylan V.

Silly crew

Thank You United Methodist Church Sunday School Group

Chadron Public Schools would like to send a HUGE THANK YOU to the United Methodist Church Sunday School Group for making another generous donation to our negative lunch balances across the district!  These students continue to do amazingly good work that helps so many other kiddos.  We want to thank all of the United Methodist congregation for their support of Chadron Public Schools. 

ACES End of Year Celebration

Chadron Primary School is so fortunate to have so many incredible donors for our ACES (All Children Experience Success) positive behavior program.  Throughout the year, we support students in positive ways and continually encourage positive choices.  Students are able to earn Cardinal Coupons that allow them the chance to be chosen for monthly drawings from the prize cart.  Outstanding students are also honored by their teachers as being chosen as our Cardinals of the Month; those students are treated to breakfast in the teachers' lounge.  At the end of the year, students all gather in the gym for our End of Year ACES Celebration where donations from businesses and individuals are awarded to students drawn from the coupons.  We do drawings from each class and then our big prize drawings from each grade level.  Our program would not operate without the generous support from our community members and Chadron Primary families.  Thank you all for such a successful year and for bringing joy to the lives of our littles.
Ready for the BIG Celebration

Thank you to our AMAZING donors!

ACES Graduation

Chadron Primary School is proud to implement our PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) which is called ACES (All Children Experience Success).  Part of our successful supports is to help students make better choices with the help of a behavior notebook and a "check in" "check out" person who is there to support and offer encouragement.  We are so proud to announce a graduation of one of our students from our notebook program.  This little guy has grown so much in making good choices and has had a tremendous year.  He was able to have his graduation celebration with some of his close friends and teachers!  Congratulations kiddo, we are so PROUD of you!

Scavenger Hunt

Chadron Primary Students enjoyed the last day of school with a scavenger hunt close to school.  Students had to take pictures with a variety subjects for the photograph, including the high school marquee, for sale signs, on a slide, in the shape of a letter, with strangers doing the YMCA, and shaking a high school teachers hand to name a few.  Students and teachers had so much fun exploring town and gathering crazy pictures.  We want to thank all of the Chadron Primary Families for another great school year and we hope you all have great summers!

These little rascals put a for sale sign on my car!

The Letter K for one kindergarten team!

An address with 17 in it
Statue of Liberty 

Abbey Road reenactment
For Sale sign

Human pyramid

By a bus

Nebraska Flag flying high

Planking in an unusual place

By a Cardinal

A butterfly


Jumping in the air

With a lifeguard

With our mission statement and a Cardinal

With a license plate from another state

In a cramped space

Shaking a high school teacher's hand