Monday, February 3, 2014

January Lunchroom Champions

Students enjoying their reward.
Mrs. Bounous' 1st Grade Winners

Mrs. Hudson's 2nd Grade Winners
Mrs. Landreth's, Mrs. Brayton's, & Mrs. Fisher's Kindergarten Winners
      In an effort to promote positive appropriate lunchroom behavior, beginning in mid-January, Primary students were scored on the Cardinal Rules for the lunchroom--Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Safe, and Be Ready which were established with the ACES (All Children Experience Success) Program, a training that representatives of the Chadron Primary began in the fall of the year.
    After one month of competition, the winners were announced on Friday, January 31st.  The winner in Kindergarten was a three way tie with Mrs. Landreth's, Mrs. Brayton's, and Mrs. Fisher's students all scoring 120 total points; Mrs. Bounous' students were the winner in First Grade with 119 total points, and Mrs. Hudson's students were the winners in Second Grade with   116 total points.  A perfect score was 120 points.
     Besides individual treats, all of the grade winners were rewarded with a traveling "Golden Lunch Tray" and a traveling stuffed Cardinal.  The classes will display the trophies in their classrooms until the next month's winners are determined.
     Congratulations, students.  You have all done an outstanding job following the Lunchroom Cardinal Rules.