Thursday, March 29, 2018

Poison Prevention with Pinky the Elephant

Chadron Community Hospital staff members along with Pinky the Elephant visited Chadron Primary School to talk about poison prevention.  The children were treated to coloring books and magnets with the visit and we want to thank Chadron Community Hospital for the coming to the "Nest".

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Battle of the Box Tops Winners

Congratulations to Mrs. Cogdill's class for winning the Battle of the Box Tops!  They collected 522 box tops and helped to earn our school over $300.  Thank you to all of the students and families that helped contribute to this great program.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Perfect Attendance

These Primary students celebrated perfect attendance for the first three quarters of school.  We are so proud of these children and their families for making attendance a priority.  It is not easy to make every day of school so when you see these students please make sure you congratulate them for a job well done!!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Extracurricular Strategic Planning Wednesday 3.14 @ 6:30 PM

Extracurricular Strategic Planning Wednesday 3.14 @ 6:30 PM

Meeting will be held in the HS Library.

Everyone welcome to attend.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Cardinals of the Month - February

These students were chosen by their teachers as wonderful examples of students who follow the Cardinal Rules of 1) Be Safe, 2) Be Respectful, and 3) Be Responsible so they were able to party in the teachers' lounge with only Princessipal Uhing.  As Cardinals of the Month they are great leaders within their classrooms. It is always so much fun to visit with and enjoy the company of these outstanding students.  Way to go kiddos and thank you for making such good choices!!

Cardinal of the Month students take over the lounge for breakfast.

Back Row (2nd Grade):  Johnathon H., Trinity S., Gianni M., and Haiven C.
Middle Row (1st Grade):  Mayci S., Philip E., Zyler M., and Rhedyn R.
Front Row (Kindergarten):  Bentley B., Briar R., Elihu A.H.B., and Clair S.

Goofy little birds

Read Across America FUN

The students at Chadron Primary School had a variety of activities to help celebrate Read Across America.  Kindergarten students enjoyed the Q and U wedding while older students had visitors from the Pine Ridge Job Corps and other students did some reading of Seuss books on their own.  It was a wonderful day to celebrate literacy and enjoy our guests.  Thank you to everyone who visited and participated in our fun!

Second Grade Field Trip to First National Bank

The second grade classes were able to visit First National Bank of Chadron for a field trip a few weeks ago.  First National Bank of Chadron sponsored a math curriculum - "Saving with Mandy and Randy" in which the students learned about saving and spending along with deposits and withdrawals.  The children were excited to see how the bank operates and we thank all of the employees of the bank for welcoming our students.  Thank you!