Thursday, October 29, 2020

Domino's School Night ~ A HUGE Success for Chadron Primary School

 Domino's Pizza hosted a fundraiser for Chadron Primary School Monday night and we want to thank all of the families that supported us through pizza and food orders.  Domino's manager Jerik Victory presented Principal Uhing a check for $812.56!  Again, we cannot thank our Chadron Community and Chadron Primary families enough and thank you Domino's for hosting our fundraiser.

Chadron Primary Students Participate in the Bus Evacuation Drill

 Chadron Primary School participated in our annual bus evacuation drill, giving students the opportunity to practice bus riding safety.  Thank you to all of our bus drivers and it was very cute to see the excitement of the students.  A couple of the children exclaimed, "That was so fun... we got to go and sit on a bus!" We are anxious to enjoy field trips when it is safe for our students ~ until then ~ mask up!

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Mrs. Landreth's Class Enjoys a Virtual Field Trip "Animals in the Hall" Through UNL

Mrs. Landreth’s class was awarded the Rogers Scholarship in conjunction with Morrill Hall in Lincoln for the 3rd year. This year, our class was sent a box of fur, pelts, skins, food and photos of animals native to our state of Nebraska. We studied this information and used it to create dioramas of our own based on animals in our state. We chose the great horned owl, painted turtle, white tailed deer, and smooth green snake. Students worked in teams to create habitats and build a diorama based on the information from Morrill Hall. As a culmination, students attended a virtual field trip on Tuesday. We learned what a zoologist does and how they use their sense of observation to study the animals around them. We practiced listening and looking for clues ourselves to identify animals from our state. We were then able to share our dioramas and knowledge of the animals we studied with Ms. Annie (our virtual instructor). It was a fun, interactive way to dive deeper into our science unit on animals.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Chadron Primary School ~ Halloween Parties

 Chadron Primary School is excited to host our in-school Halloween parties.  With our COVID protocols we will not be allowing any outside visitors to help with parties this year.  We will still have treats; however, we ask that these be pre-packaged goodies.  Thank you for understanding that in these times our health and safety of students and staff is of utmost importance.  We are hoping teachers can kick out pictures from the parties via Seesaw in lieu of hosting our costume parade.  Thank you again for your continued support!

Friday, October 23, 2020

Chadron Primary Students and Staff Practice a Lockdown Drill

Chadron Primary Students have been learning about school safety and today (10/23) had the opportunity to practice our first Lockdown Drill.  Principal Uhing started by reading the book I'm Not Scared, I'm Prepared to each of the classes and teachers have been coaching students and practicing within each classroom.  Students at school are learning to Avoid, Deny, and Defend rather than confrontation and fighting.  Please visit with your children about Lockdown procedures and the drill that was conducted today.  We thank you for your support and if you have any questions about our Standard Response Protocols please call Ms. Uhing at Chadron Primary School.  Below, you can read more about our Lockdown Drill...

Lockdown Drill

Lockdown drills are not life-threatening situations, they are used to practice moving to a secure room, locking and/or barricading doors, making alternative escape plans, and gathering objects of opportunity for weapons.

The most important part of our drill today, is the student discussion and practice of safety procedures and protocols with our staff.

A LOCKDOWN is called when it is believed there is a threat or hazard inside the school building. 


  • If you know exactly where the threat is away and escape. If you are on the playground or outside the school, this may mean you run away from the school to a safe location then report your safety to parents and school officials.

  • If you do not know exactly where the threat is to a secure room. Some rooms, like bathrooms, might not be good choices for security.


  • LOCK THE DOOR. Remain as quiet as possible (silence phones) and turn off the lights. Remain out of sight from any corridors or windows. 

  • Barricade the door if time allows. This is necessary if you are securing a room that you do not have keys or the ability to lock.

  • Begin planning for an alternate escape route if possible that can be used if the door is being breached (intruder begins to enter the room).


  • Gather items that can be used to throw or swing as weapons. If the intruder breaches the locked/barricaded door, use ‘Throw and Go’ to escape - throwing objects while running through the doorway to escape.

  • Be aggressive and commit to your actions in a life-threatening situation. You have our permission to survive!

Follow the instructions of school staff and law enforcement, however, all students and staff may have to make quick and important decisions on their own in a life-threatening situation. 

Do not take the time to lock perimeter doors during a Lockdown. Risk is increased to students and staff in exposed areas attempting to lock outside doors. 

Law Enforcement Or School Administration Will Announce The Completion Of The Drill!

During a Lockdown, use short SMS Texting to communicate to parents at 5-15 minute intervals to minimize the impact of heavy cell service with dropped calls.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Red Ribbon Week ~ October 26th - October 30th

red ribbon2.jpg


Chadron Intermediate and Chadron Primary will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week Oct. 26th-30th. During Red Ribbon Week we encourage students and staff to wear clothing for the theme of the day. 

This year's themes are as follows:

Monday, Oct. 26th - “Red”y to be Drug Free! - Wear as much RED as you can.

Tuesday, Oct. 27th - Sock it to Drugs - Wear crazy/mismatched socks

Wednesday, Oct. 28th - Say Peace Out to Drugs - Wear peace signs and/or tie dye

Thursday, Oct. 29th - Team up against Drugs - Wear your favorite team jersey or Cardinal gear

Friday, Oct. 30th - Hocus Pocus Drugs aren’t our Focus - Bring your costume for the afternoon activities

Trunk or Treat (10/30) ~ Downtown Chadron


Book Fair Ends Friday (10/23)



Book Fair Ends Friday, October 23

Hello Parents/Guardians:

Hope you are doing well. Just wanted to send a friendly reminder about the Scholastic Book Fair. If you would like your child to  purchase books, please send them to school with either cash or a check by Friday, October 23, 2020. Remember, there are no taxes on book fair items.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for supporting the Chadron Primary Library!

You can also check out the book fair online:

Cathy Kaus & Sarah Patterson

Library Media Specialists

Monday, October 19, 2020

Virtual P/T Conferences ~ Tuesday (10/20) and Thursday (10/22)

As we work through the safety issues of our pandemic plans, we feel having in person conferences is not feasible. We care about each and every student. The teachers will be reaching out to parents individually, through the semester. This is in place of in-person parent/teacher conferences this fall. We will continue to have the 1:30pm dismissals on Tuesday, October 20th and Thursday, October 22nd in order to allow time for teachers to make contact with families. These conferences may be via phone calls, Zoom calls, or other forms of communication that work for families and teachers.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

September ~ Cardinals of the Month

These young Cardinals have been selected as the Cardinals of the Month for September.  These students exhibit outstanding citizenship throughout their days at Chadron Primary School.  They go above and beyond our Cardinal Way: 1)Be Safe, 2)Be Respectful, and 3)Be Responsible.  We are so proud of these students and thank all of our families for support throughout the school year!  Congratulations on a job well done kiddos!




Friday, October 9, 2020

Chadron Volunteer Fire Department Visits Chadron Primary School

 A HUGE shoutout to our Chadron Volunteer Fire Department.  Chadron Primary students were treated to classroom presentations and were able to check out equipment and emergency vehicles in front of the school.  Firefighters also brought water bottles to our students.  Homework for students was to learn home addresses and practice at-home fire drills and meeting points.  We want to thank all of the men and women serving on our Chadron Volunteer Fire Department!!  Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to visit with our little cardinals and all you do to keep Chadron safe!

Chadron Primary School ~ Virtual Book Fair (October 13th - October 22nd)

Book Fair dates: Oct. 13, 2020 – Oct. 22, 2020

This year our annual Book Fair will be held virtually. All proceeds will benefit the Primary School library. You will be able to shop 2 ways.

1.) Access the virtual book fair online at This will allow you to make your orders directly through Scholastic.

2.) Your student will bring home a Book Fair flyer listing books available for purchase. Simply mark the books your student would like to purchase and return it with the money. We will fulfill the order at school and give your child the books ordered.

If there are any questions please call the Primary Library.

Thank you for supporting our Virtual Book Fair!!

Thursday, October 1, 2020


A HUGE SHOUTOUT to our anonymous donor group...this tremendous donation will be used to purchase clothing for our Chadron Primary students when needed! Thank you - what an INCREDIBLE community we are a part of!