Thursday, October 31, 2019

Dr. Winchester Awarded Excellence in Education Award in Chicago

“We are celebrating Dr. Caroline Winchester who has served as the Superintendent of Chadron Public Schools for the past nine years and students for 36 years as an educator and leader. During this time, she has provided the district with strong, servant leadership that is vision centered, mission driven and goal-focused.  She has led the district through difficult financial times, the implementation of a district wide MTSS model, the adoption and implementation of the Danielson Framework for Teaching, and nearly two cycles of Systems Accreditation through AdvancEd, now Cognia. Her reflective, inclusive, collaborative and transparent leadership has served as an example of exceptional leadership to the administrative team (The A-Team) and to the entire Chadron Public Schools staff.
As administrators, we recognize the importance of the vision of Chadron Public Schools - Infinite Education, Infinite Possibilities, and Opportunities for All - because it reminds us of the important work that we do every day. We appreciate her experienced guidance as we strive to meet this ideal by serving our students with passion, compassion and equity. We also appreciate her trust in us as professionals, which she demonstrates through a collaborative decision making process and by allowing us the autonomy to run the day-to-day operations of our schools. As Dr. Winchester prepares to retire from public education, we are excited to celebrate this special recognition from Cognia with her. On behalf of the teachers, support staff and students of Chadron Public Schools, the A-Team would like to congratulate and thank Dr. Caroline Winchester for her record of outstanding service and exemplary leadership.”

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