Thursday, February 7, 2019

January ~ Cardinals of the Month

February brought another day of celebrating AWESOME students!!  These students enjoyed breakfast in the teachers' lounge and were able to visit with other students going above and beyond our Cardinal Rules 1)Be Safe, 2)Be Respectful, and 3)Be Responsible.  Classroom teachers chose these students to earn the recognition of Cardinals of the Month and we are so proud of the work they have done!

Breakfast kiddos!

Back Row ~ 2nd Grade:  Avarie D., Ellie D., Meri W., and Kade R.
Middle Row ~ 1st Grade:  Kaitlyn F., Emily P., Rylan R., and Jess W.
Front Row ~ Kindergarten:  Isabella W., Ellie H., Carter K. and Gabe H.

Having fun!

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