Thursday, October 31, 2013

Primary Parent-Teacher Conference Results


  Chadron Primary P-T Conferences on October 21-22 were well attended.  The overall percentage was 89.45%.  First grade teachers had the best attendance with 91.38% (Bounous, 84.62%; Claussen, 86.67%; Ferguson, 93.75%, and Gardner, 100%), Kindergarten teachers' attendance was 90.77% (Fisher, 93.33%; Hoffman, 87.8%; Landreth, 88.24%, and Schmid, 94.44%) and Second Grade teachers' attendance was 86.84% (Cogdill, 78.95%; Hendrickson, 90%; Hudson, 94.74%, and Uhing, 83.33%.
     Thank you, parents, for your participation in the conferences.  If you were not able to attend and would still like to conference with your child's teacher, please contact the teacher at 432-0710 to schedule a time.

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