Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Jump Rope for Heart Event is Scheduled


     The Jump Rope for Heart Campaign is in progress at Chadron Primary School.   Your child brought home a packet of information on Tuesday, October 1, with instructions on how to collect donations. The culmination of the event will be on October 23 at 4:00 P.M. at the Physical Activity Center at Chadron State College.
     This year the American Heart Association has implemented new incentives for the students to solicit donations.  With the new incentive called "The Lifesaver Ducks," students have an opportunity to receive six different ducks, depending on the donation which can range from $5-$200.  The students will each receive a camo lanyard and the following ducks depending on the donation:   Quacky ($5 donation and Quacky Coupon); Sneaky Ninja (the first online donation); Stripes ($35 in any donations); Mr. Cool ($75 in online donations); Glow ($100 in any donations); and Torch ($200 donation).
    Please consider donating to this worthwhile cause.

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