Tuesday, May 21, 2019

THANK YOU ~ Fur Trade Days Board of Directors

Parents ~ please watch for this letter and a bright green ticket that will come home with your child today!  A HUGE thank you to the Fur Trade Days committee for thinking of our students over the summer!

Friday, May 17, 2019

Adventures Away...

Chadron Primary School hosted a "Let the Adventure Begin" party for staff leaving us next school year.  It was a bittersweet day celebrating all our wonderful relationships and memories while wishing everyone good luck in the next adventures of their lives.  We are anxious to hear about the next steps in life for all of our honorees and look forward to what awaits them all.  They will be missed next year and we wish them all well!

2nd Grade Multicultural Activity

Our 2nd Grade students recently completed their multicultural unit in which groups of students studied and learned about countries around the world.  They were able to showcase these students with one another and other students in school as the posters and dough maps have been on display in the library.  Students also enjoyed a lunch featuring cuisine made from the countries they studied.  Thank you to the staff, students, and families that supported this wonderful learning opportunity. 

Lunch Account Balances

Chadron Primary School was lucky to receive a generous donation from someone very special who helped eliminate some negative lunch balances.  This individual's contribution helped ten families and we are so grateful to have kind, caring people in our community!  Again, a HUGE shoutout to this donor for all of the support you offer Chadron Primary School, we appreciate you so much!
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Keep Talking, Keep Trying ~ A Message from Panhandle Public Health District

Chadron Public Library ~ Summer Reading Program

Thursday, May 16, 2019

New Buddy Bench

Chadron Girls Scout troop under the direction of Troop Leader Wendy Jamison made and delivered a new Buddy Bench to Chadron Primary School.  The bench is designed to encourage students to check the bench for any other friends that may feel alone.  If one person is on the bench others can ask him/her to play, if two are on the bench, they play with one another.  The girls were able to earn their woodworking badges through this project and we love the encouragement this brings to students.  Thank you girls and Mrs. Jamison ~ a gift we will treasure for a long time!

Bump Up Days

Chadron Primary School has had some exciting "Bump Up" Days with our students supporting transitions to the next grade level.  Our second graders toured Chadron Intermediate School to check out their upcoming third grade building and we recently hosted our incoming Kindergarten students.  Our current Kindergarten and 1st grade students will visit their new spaces next week.  We are excited for next school year and will be anxious to have students feel at home in their new spaces. 

Mrs. Hudson Named Teacher of the Month

Panhandle Post, Double Q Country, and B 94.7 along with other business and community sponsors recently honored Ms. Angie Hudson as their Teacher of the Month.  Ms. Hudson has worked for years within Chadron Public Schools in a variety of classrooms.  She is currently a Kindergarten teacher who will be leaving us at the end of this school year.  We were so excited for Ms. Hudson to receive this honor and her classroom was even more excited to enjoy the goodies and treats provided by the sponsors.  Congratulations Ms. Hudson on a well deserved award!

Ms. Hudson with her Kindergarten class receiving her award

Getting in on the craziness of Kindergarten!

April ~ Cardinals of the Month

Even at the end of the year, these students are exceeding the Cardinal Rules at Chadron Primary School!  These students have followed our three Cardinal Rules 1)Be Safe, 2)Be Respectful, and 3)Be Responsible and have gone above and beyond to set great examples of what AMAZING Cardinal kids do!  Classroom teachers selected these students to be Cardinals of the Month and we honor all of the great examples they are setting.  These students were treated to breakfast in the teachers' lounge and had a great time visiting and taking silly pictures.

Breakfast in the lounge

Back Row ~ 2nd Grade:  Roxy T., Brenden V., Mali L, and Caseton B.
Middle Row ~ 1st Grade:  Meadow M., Waylon W., Sadie T., and Hadlee D.
Front Row ~ Kindergarten:  Zoey H., Ryder S., Ella H., and Harper B.

Silly Cardinals

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Mrs. Cogdill's Chicks are Here!

Mrs. Cogdill's second grade class has had the incubator going and we finally have chicks!!  The students have been studying the life cycle of chickens and watched the progression so the excitement at the Primary Building has been pretty high.  The chicks will have their classroom home for a bit longer before finding forever homes where they can continue to grow.  Thank you Mrs. Cogdill for this amazing experience you share with the students every year!

Monday, April 29, 2019

Wear Green ~ May 9th

Book Tasting

Students at Chadron Primary students had a book tasting in the library where they were treated to a restaurant style atmosphere complete with special music and lighting.  The event was designed to expose students to a variety of genres and have them explore books they may not have visited.  Students enjoy this activity and are so excited to share what they have sampled.