Thursday, May 24, 2018

Chadron Primary School Celebrates the End of School!!

Chadron Primary School kicked off Summer Break with some celebrations and CrAzY activities.  We started with honoring our Perfect Attendance students - these kiddos did not miss one day of school - what an achievement and we are so happy to honor them!!  We hope this continues as you pass through the grades.  We then had our ACES End of the Year Celebration. 

Our ACES (All Children Experience Success) is part of our positive behavior program that encourages students to make good decisions.  We were able to get donations from business, individuals, and families and we cannot THANK YOU ALL enough!!!  Our students earned Cardinal Coupons throughout the school year for going above and beyond following our Cardinal Rules and those coupons were drawn for both small and large prizes so that we could honor all of the efforts put in by students. 

Then, on the last day of school we concluded the year with some Break Out Box fun.  Mrs. Kaus and Mrs. Smith helped facilitate a series of clues, puzzles, and solutions so the students could unlock the mystery box that contained the "pies".  This led to the final fun which was the Pie in the Face Fundraiser...5 staff members were "chosen" to compete in getting their money buckets filled to help with our ACES celebration.  Mr. Horst and Mr. Patrick were the two "winners" and two students were drawn to become the pie throwers.  Principal Uhing was so excited to come in 3rd place as she thought she was going to miss the pie in the face; however, Mr. Patrick didn't allow that to happen!  😊

The students had a GRAND time and we concluded the last day of school with a Community Picnic on the practice football field.  We would like to thank everyone who contributed to our End of Year celebrations.  Thank you to Mrs. Kaus & Mrs. Smith for the Breakout Box coordination, Chadron Middle School students who helped manage our student groups, Chadron High School Cardinals Committed students who helped supervise classes and played field day games, Chadron Middle School Student Council for hosting the picnic and a big thank you to the staff, students, & families of Chadron Primary for another OUTSTANDING year!!  We hope you have a FABULOUS Summer - stay safe, read, write, do math, and PLAY!!  Hugs to you all and see you in the FALL - School starts August 15th.

Perfect Attendance
Back Row (2nd Grade):  Braylon B.
Middle Row (1st Grade):  Meri W., Jennie P., Roudy S., and Garner C.
Front Row (Kindergarten):  Liam D., Fox C., Theron B., Creighton G., Emma O., and Mylie R.


First Grade

Second Grade

Honoring Ms. Charla as she retires this year.

Our Grand Prize Winners!

Celebrating our positive with Princessipal Uhing and Gummy Worms!

Break Out Box Fun

A beautiful day for field day fun!

Waiting for the Pie in the Face Fun!!
Thanks for the sneak attack Mr. Patrick

Mr. Horst, Ms. Uhing, and Mr. Patrick

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