Friday, August 11, 2017

Road Construction - PLEASE READ!!!!

******  Road Construction Around Middle School and Primary School ******

The City of Chadron will begin road construction at the intersection of 6th and Ann Streets and roads will be blocked beginning on August 16th.  The construction project will impact drop off and pick up at Chadron Middle School and Chadron Primary School.  The map below shows the areas that will be blocked and suggested traffic routes.  Also, please note that there will be no through traffic in the parking lot and the gate will be closed during school hours (Please note how this will NOT allow for Pick Up or Drop Off on the East or North sides of the Primary Building.) . Thank you for your understanding.

Closed Streets:
6th Street from King to Chapin
Ann Street from 5th Street to 7th Street

Recommended Drop Off Procedures:

Option #1:

Go East on 8th St. and drop off along 8th St. next to War Memorial Park
Go East on 8th St. and turn North on Ann St. and drop off on Ann St.

Option #2:

Drop off students on Cedar Street using parking spots along the east side of football field (west side of Cedar Street)
Students can access the Primary School using the sidewalk between the football field and high school

Option #3:

Get fit and walk!! 😁🚶

Recommended Pick Up Procedures:
Pick up along Ann St.
Pick up along 8th St.
Use parking spots on Cedar St. along the football field

*****Please be patient and safe, watching out for children and cars.*****

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