Thursday, March 10, 2016

Team Cogdill Cinches Boxtop Competition

     Mrs. Cogdill's students collected the most boxtops during the second "Battle of the Boxtops" competition.  The students brought in 1,050 boxtops to top the other classrooms at Chadron Primary.  Other competitors collected the following amounts:  Kindergarten (Fisher - 203; Hoffman - 291; Hudson - 270; Landreth - 207); First Grade (Bounous - 695;  Claussen - 210; Ferguson - 586; Gardner - 295); Second Grade (Cogdill - 1,050; Hendrickson - 209; Uhing - 903).
     Thank you parents, grandparents, and friends for contributing to this worthy cause.  This competition, the boxtops collected amounted to $492.00 for Chadron Primary School.  Please keep saving.  The next competition will be held next fall.

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