Sunday, October 25, 2015

Primary Book Fair Deemed a Huge Success

Brooklyn Hoffman Won the Basket Raffle
Posters Winners

The Primary Book Fair supported by parents, grandparents, and students took in a total of $3,483.96, which was $469.44 more than last year's proceeds.  The school library earned $1,916.18 in profit which will purchase approximately 200 books. The book basket raffle netted $150, which will be used to purchase items for the Explore Center in the library. Thanks to all of you for supporting the Book Fair and new reading material for our students.
Winners of the drawings were as follows:  Book Basket Raffle, Brooklyn Hoffman; Posters, Addisyn Gruver, Bennett Hyer, Paige Russell, Job Anitbas, Audrey Dailey, Taylor Olsen, Mason Frye, David Sprague, Vrasai Sayaloune, Andrew Lauridsen, and Aiden Howard.

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