Friday, October 3, 2014

"Cardinals of the Month" Chosen at Chadron Primary School

September Cardinals of the Month
     Twelve students were chosen to be a "Cardinal of the Month" for the month of September.  They are:  Kindergarten:  Treydon Massa (Brayton), Tyson Pourier (Fisher), Illias Lehman (Hudson), Smith Ho Ching (Hoffman), Leanna Schumpert (Landreth); First Grade:  Devan Passero (Bounous), Gillian Conway (Claussen), Tanner Bauer (Ferguson), Tristin Frye (Gardner); Second Grade:  Zandar Bates (Cogdill), Talan Raymer (Hendrickson), Caden Buskirk (Uhing).  
     Each student at Chadron Primary School can earn a Cardinal Coupon each time he/she voluntarily exhibits "acts of kindness."  Each Cardinal Coupon that a student earns is put in his/her classroom jar.  Each month a student's name is selected from each classroom to be a "Cardinal of the Month."  The students who were chosen will be treated to a pizza party with the principal on October 17th.  A student can only be a "Cardinal of the Month" once.

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