Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March Lunchroom Champions Are a Repeat

Mrs. Bounous's  1st Grade Class
Mrs. Landreth's Kindergarten Class
Mrs. Uhing's 2nd Grade Class
     Mrs. Landreth's classroom, Mrs. Bounous' classroom, and Mrs. Uhing's classroom were repeat champions from last month's lunchroom competition.  Mrs. Landreth's Team scored121 points; Mrs. Bounous Team scored 121 points; Mrs. Uhing Team scored 115 points.  Other competitors scored as follows:  Mrs. Brayton - 120 points; Mrs. Fisher - 119 points; Mrs. Hoffman - 120 points; Mrs. Claussen - 120 points; Mrs. Ferguson - 108 points; Mrs. Gardner - 114 points; Mrs. Cogdill - 111 points; Mrs. Hendrickson -114 points; and Mrs. Hudson - 113 points.
     Great job!

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