Friday, March 7, 2014

Kindergarten Students Unite the Letters Q and U

Mr. U (Ty H.) & Ms.. Q (Paige S.)
Ms. Q (Addison M.) & Mr. U (Daniel R.)


Primary Students from the four Kindergarten classes held two ceremonies on Friday, February 21, in which they united the letters Q and U.  Miss Q (the bride) was represented by Paige Slingsby and Addison Morrison and Mr. U (the groom) was represented by Daniel Rasmussen and Ty Hyer.  Other participants were as follows:
Quarterbacks: Trey Pilcher, Wesley Margetts, Jace Paopao, Quinn Hawthorn, Andrew Lauridsen, Keagan Coupens, Trayce Fisher, Tristin Frye, Destinh Sayaloune,  and Jacob Winckler.
Queens: Hina Hinman, Sammi Brodrick, Jenny Pinnt, Aiden Howard, Keya Hand, Brooklynn Hoffman, Raylie Pourier, Trinity Boeselager, Beau Behrends, Gwen Gosnell, Cali Hendrickson, Olivia Retzlaff, Shanna Gunwall, Jessy Munyiri, Jayden Baily, Maddy Gustafson, Makenzie Rosenlad, Alexandrea Twarling, KC Whidby, Jaelyn Brown, Gillian Conway, Jentsyn Fuller, Madilyn Hall, Ava Pyle, Reese Ritterbush, Kristen Schneider.
Quilt bearers: Keagan Kelso, Tayven Jenkins, & Jackson Price.
Quarter Girls: Vrasai Sayaloune and Laniah Bellu.
Shushers: Tanner Bauer, Madison Landreth, Nick King, JR., Eli Nelson, Malaysia Tail, Shelby Fry, Chelsea Stephens, Noah Kubo, Devan Passero, Reagan Russell, Laney Dubray, Gabby Lawhorn.
     Following the ceremony, the Kindergarten classes enjoyed a dance and refreshments.
Queens, Quarterbacks, & Shushers looking on

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