Wednesday, January 29, 2014

100 Days of Perfect Attendance

Mrs. Landreth's, Mrs. Fisher's, Mrs. Hoffman's
Mrs. Brayton's, Mrs. Bounous', & Mrs.
Claussen's students
Mrs. Ferguson's, Mrs. Hudson's, Mrs
Hendrickson's, & Mrs. Uhing's Students

 Students who had Perfect Attendance for the first 100 Days of School are as follows:

Kindergarten:  Tristin Frye (Fisher); Beau Behrends, Madison Landreth (Landreth);
Paige Slingsby (Hoffman); Shanna Gunwall (Brayton)

First Grade:  Quinn Bailey, Kade Keim, James Koerber, Danity Thompson (Bounous); Alex Fisher, Jace Lien, Eliana Uhing (Ferguson); Andrew Gothard (Claussen)

Second Grade:  Zoey Johnson (Hendrickson); Chase Brunsch, Josslyn Pourier (Hudson); Alexandra Dietz (Uhing)

     Congratulations, students, for your great attendance.  We hope that your attendance remains perfect until the end of the school year!

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